Making Releases

Bump Version Numbers

Before tagging, ensure the version number has been incremented to the milestone (i.e. 4.6.2) in the following places:

  • pom.xml
  • doc/sphinx-guides/source/
  • doc/sphinx-guides/source/index.rst

Here’s an example commit where all three files were updated at once:

Merge “develop” into “master”

The “develop” branch should be merged into “master” before tagging. See also the branching strategy described in the Version Control section.

Write Release Notes

Create a draft release at

Make Artifacts Available for Download

Upload the following artifacts to the draft release you created:

  • installer
  • war file
  • database migration script
  • other files as needed, such as an updated Solr schema

Publish Release

Click the “Publish release” button.

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