Microsoft Excel files (XLSX format).

Supported Formats

Only the newer XLSX Excel files are supported. We are not planning to add support for the old-style, binary XLS files.


If an Excel file has multiple sheets, only the first sheet of the file will be ingested. The other sheets will be available when a user downloads the original Excel file. To have all sheets of an Excel file ingested and searchable at the variable level, upload each sheet as an individual file in your dataset.

Ingest Errors

You may encounter ingest errors after uploading an Excel file if the file is formatted in a way that can’t be ingested by the Dataverse software. Ingest errors can be caused by a variety of formatting inconsistencies, including:

  • line breaks in a cell

  • blank cells

  • single cells that span multiple rows

  • missing headers

Example Data

An example of an Excel file that successfully ingests is available in the Dataverse Sample Data GitHub repository.