Geoconnect works as a middle layer, allowing geospatial data files in Dataverse to be visualized with Harvard WorldMap.

To understand the feature from the user perspective, see the WorldMap: Geospatial Data Exploration section of the User Guide.

As of this writing, the README at recommends not installing Geoconnect at this time due to an ongoing rewrite of the WorldMap code. If you are not deterred by this, read on!

To set up a Geoconnect development environment, you can follow the steps outlined in the guide. Although those instructions are for a local development setup, they may assist in installing Geoconnect in your production environment. See also “Geoconnect” under the Development Environment section of the Developer Guide.

Harvard Dataverse runs Geoconnect on Heroku. To make use of Heroku, you will need a Heroku account, as well as a few other prerequisites. Follow the instructions outlined in the guide. The settings file may also be adapted for other environments. Please note, for the production environment, remember to set DEBUG=False.

See also the Geoconnect and WorldMap section of the Admin Guide.