Development Environment

These instructions are oriented around Docker but the “classic” instructions we used for Dataverse 4 and 5 are still available at Classic Dev Environment.


First, install Java 17, Maven, and Docker.

After cloning the dataverse repo, run this:

mvn -Pct clean package docker:run

After some time you should be able to log in:

Detailed Steps

Install Java

The Dataverse Software requires Java 17.

On Mac and Windows, we suggest downloading OpenJDK from (formerly AdoptOpenJDK) or SDKMAN.

On Linux, you are welcome to use the OpenJDK available from package managers.

Install Maven

Follow instructions at

Install and Start Docker

Follow instructions at

Be sure to start Docker.

Git Clone Repo

Fork and then clone your fork like this:

git clone[YOUR GITHUB USERNAME]/dataverse.git

Build and Run

Change into the dataverse directory you just cloned and run the following command:

mvn -Pct clean package docker:run


After some time you should be able to log in:

More Information

See also the Development Usage section of the Container Guide.

Getting Help

Please feel free to reach out at or if you have any difficulty setting up a dev environment!