Making Library Releases


Note: See Making Releases for Dataverse itself.

We release Java libraries to Maven Central that are used by Dataverse (and perhaps other software!):

We release JavaScript/TypeScript libraries to npm:

Maven Central (Java)

From the perspective of the Maven Central, we are both producers because we publish/release libraries there and consumers because we pull down those libraries (and many others) when we build Dataverse.

Releasing Existing Libraries to Maven Central

If you need to release an existing library, all the setup should be done already. The steps below assume that GitHub Actions are in place to do the heavy lifting for you, such as signing artifacts with GPG.

Releasing a Snapshot Version to Maven Central

Snapshot releases are published automatically through GitHub Actions (e.g. through a snapshot workflow for the SWORD library) every time a pull request is merged (or the default branch, typically main, is otherwise updated).

That is to say, to make a snapshot release, you only need to get one or more commits into the default branch.

Releasing a Release (Non-Snapshot) Version to Maven Central

From a pom.xml it may not be apparent that snapshots like 6.0-SNAPSHOT might be changing under your feet. Browsing the snapshot repository (e.g. our UNF 6.0-SNAPSHOT), may reveal versions changing over time. To finalize the code and stop it from changing, we publish/release what Maven calls a “release version”. This will remove -SNAPSHOT from the version (through an mvn command).

Non-snapshot releases (release versions) are published automatically through GitHub Actions (e.g. through a release workflow), kicked off locally by an mvn command that invokes the Maven Release Plugin.

First, run a clean:

mvn release:clean

Then run a prepare:

mvn release:prepare

The prepare step is interactive. You will be prompted for the following information:

These examples from the SWORD library. Below is what to expect from the interactive session. In many cases, you can just hit enter to accept the defaults.

[INFO] 5/17 prepare:map-release-versions
What is the release version for "SWORD v2 Common Server Library (forked)"? (sword2-server) 2.0.0: :
[INFO] 6/17 prepare:input-variables
What is the SCM release tag or label for "SWORD v2 Common Server Library (forked)"? (sword2-server) sword2-server-2.0.0: :
[INFO] 7/17 prepare:map-development-versions
What is the new development version for "SWORD v2 Common Server Library (forked)"? (sword2-server) 2.0.1-SNAPSHOT: :
[INFO] 8/17 prepare:rewrite-poms-for-release

It can take some time for the jar to be visible on Maven Central. You can start by looking on the repo1 server, like this:

Don’t bother putting the new version in a pom.xml until you see it on repo1.

Note that the next snapshot release should be available as well, like this:

Releasing a New Library to Maven Central

At a high level:

npm (JavaScript/TypeScript)

Currently, publishing @iqss/dataverse-design-system to npm done manually. We plan to automate this as part of is the previous 1.0 version of js-dataverse. No 1.x releases are planned. We plan to publish 2.0 (used by the new frontend) as discussed in